Evaluate IRIS tool box for macroeconomic modelling

Reading Time: 1 minute


Today I want to review one of a pretty revolutionary toolbox for macroeconomic modeling.

This toolbox name is IRIS tool box.

Let’s start.

You could find their tutorial here.

If you want to try the tools at least you should have

  1. Matlab 2014a or latest
  2. Download the toolbox of this IRIS

Ok First I want to highlight what is the most challenging by using this tools

    1. Set the path in Matlab. It’s been a while I am not using Matlab, therefore I almost forgot how to set the path. If you forgot about to set the path, take a look this video.
    2. Try your first HelloWorld of the IRIS toolbox, you will find
      1. How to initiate the first thing, type >>irisstartup in the command line
      2. Having the script for the model
        There is two thing that you could take a look

        The model

        The command

      3. Things that you should type after you have all the code is >>irisstartup
      4. The command
    3. Run the model and got the result (it’s such happiness when you can see the graph appears, no matter what it is written inside).

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